MiningHome Help and Tutorial

The MiningHome database operates inside two different structures - Mining Companies and Suppliers. While similar in operation, the two structures are not linked. To move back and forth between the structures when inside one or the other, left click the Home button at the top left. This will return to the highest level of the system.

The top Search Box

This search is for company names only. Absolute company names will return that company. Partial search names will return all records that CONTAIN the partial search name.

Any search from this box will automatically redirect the system to the "Advanced Search" section.
Select either "Mine Companies" or "Supply Companies". The default is "Mine Companies".

Country of Origin

This section works the same for both Mining Companies and Supply Companies. Selection of a country returns the company records for all companies with a registered office in that country. The system redirects to the "Advanced Search" section.

Country of Activity

This section works in a similar way to Country of Origin but returns companies that are ACTIVE in the referenced country.

Mineral of Interest and Commodity of Interest

This section returns all companies associated with the selection with the system redirecting to the "Advanced Search" mode. The selection results in the selection inside the drop down box in the advanced search. This box can be cleared by scrolling to the top of the dropdown box.

Stock Exchange

This is only available for certain mining companies. When available, current stock data can be accessed by left clicking the stock exchange reference for a company (after selecting a stock exchange).

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search is the true powerhouse engine of the MiningHome and those familiar with the system generally start here rather than using the above entry points. The Advanced Search is found by scrolling to the bottom of the main page.

The Advanced Search is also divided into the two sections (Mining and Supplier) and are mutually exclusive.

All search criteria can be used in conjunction with each other.
An example for Suppliers:
Select Country of Origin= Canada This will return about 2,200 suppliers with origin in Canada.
Now also select Country of Activity= Chile. Leave Country of Origin= Canada active. This narrows the search to the 22 Canadian companies operating in Chile.
Now, leaving both the above active, select Supply= Mills, Crushers, Grinders. This will access reference to the two Canadian companies operating in Chile that supply Mills, Crushers, Grinders.

The simplest way of clearing all data is to go to the top of the screen and left click this button: . Each of the individual fields can be changed by selecting new criteria or cleared by scrolling to the top and selcting 'ANY'

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